5 months after moving to BC

The question I get a lot is "how do you like BC?" and aside from how expensive it can be with the housing market, or with ICBC car insurance, this is a great place to live. I moved here for family reasons as my wife is originally from White Rock. Making the move wasn't necessarily an easy decision but I have always admired this province and taking the plunge to take care of family seemed like an important step to make. I even put my job at risk with Just For Laughs. So I better like this city. And I do.

The great thing right NOW is the fact that the entire country east of the Rockies is in a deep freeze while we are enjoying some pretty mild weather. Mild enough that I could handle a "polar bear" swim with my two daughters aged 8 & 6. It was more like a grizzly swim but still painfully cold.

Vancouver's TV & Film industry has been extremely welcoming to me and for that reason I am very grateful. People here have shared their time and have generously introduced me to the community at large. Thank you to everyone for being part of my new adventure!